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Boston Restaurant Blog -- December, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Best Reader Posts of 2011

Last December, we highlighted some of the most, er, INTERESTING posts from readers over the previous 12 months. And this year, we are doing the same, as we searched through countless reviews of restaurants we haven't been to yet, answers to questions we ask, and comments about blog entries. Ten of the best posts from 2011 are shown below, and even though they are numbered, they are in no particular order, as they are all rather entertaining in their own way.

1) And the Secret Ingredient Is...
The first post is from a reader who was apparently a big fan of a hot dog joint south of Boston. After reading this part of the post, it becomes apparent that the "stream of consciousness" style of writing is sometimes not the way to go.

"...yes, he did line [the hot dogs] up his sweaty nasty arm. They say it enhanced the flavor - I think it did."

2) A Shame, Considering the Price of Gas These Days.
This post was a review of another place south of Boston, with this one being a burger joint. And to us, anyway, it certainly adds more credence to the theory of dining local.

"We drove 145 miles just to eat one of [their] famous burgers and they just slap us in the face."

3) Perhaps If There Were More Coconut Trees Lining the Mass. Pike...
The following post was from a diner who went to a restaurant in Chicopee and was disappointed that the place had the atmosphere of, well, Chicopee, rather than a string of beautiful islands in the Pacific.

"I wanted to feel like I was in Hawaii."

4) Understatement of the Year.
Umm, no analysis of the below review of a Rhode Island restaurant is necessary.

"I was very disappointed to find out their chicken was rancid."

5) You Can't Have Your Plastic and Eat It Too.
The review below is of a restaurant in Connecticut that seems to have a surplus of plastic. And cake.

"Plastic in my panini, piece of plastic bag in my wife's sandwich, wouldn't comp her meal, wanted to give her a piece of cake, drove 30 minutes one way, last trip there ...done, keep ur cake."

6) Three Years Later, and Still No Answer.
The comment below is in response to what seems like hundreds of people claiming to have the recipe for a Chelsea restaurant's steak tip marinade. It appears that this person didn't buy into any of it.

"The only thing I know is, I started reading the first pass on this page and it was dated 4/23/08 and I'm at the end and 3 years [have] gone by and I have learned nothing."

7) You're All Worthless and Weak.
Speaking of recipes, the poster below didn't believe that all of the other posters were experts on how to make a certain food item. We believe the poster is correct, and also believe that the last sentence was not really necessary (it's good to stop when you're ahead).

"A whole board full of experts have showed up to NOT answer the question. Great work. Go eat your slop."

8) The Dark Side of Steak Tip Marinade.
Back to the coveted steak tip marinade of our readers apparently did get the correct recipe, as it looks like the restaurant promptly called both the CIA and the UN to get it back.

"Tried to post recipe...from work...Feds were waiting... Hard Drive missing... Days in a foreign black prison... No food... No water... Rats... If you posted here... Black helicopters... Coming for you too... Must feed cows Italian dressing... Catsup... Coke a Cola... Equal parts.... Oh No... Not again...."

9) Speaking of Conspiracies (and Recipes)...
Another reader (at least we think it was another reader) also connected bar food with the darker side of our political system. Who knew that such a cabal of powerful people might be so interested in the underside of South Shore bar pizza?

"I'm honing in on the [Lynwood Pizza] recipe; hey if Bush can be accused with blowing up the towers, [then] he can certainly get the Lynwood Pizza recipe."

10) Perhaps the Rose Bush Smelled Like a Pepperoni Pizza.
At one point, the same writer above seemed to shift abruptly away from the machination of bar pie, looking at how food can bring one back to earlier days instead. In this case, however, we are glad that this person decided not to finish the thought, instead going back to chatting about the secret cliques seeking more info on pepperoni pizza.

"People tend to relish memories, and smell evokes memories--I walked by a rose bush that reminded me of the woods I snuck into with my first date."

So there you have it--some rather unusual and at-times head-scratching posts from some of our readers. More will surely be coming, so check back with us in about a year or so.


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