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Boston Restaurant Blog -- April, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

25 Bar Pizzas That I Have Had

photo of bar pizza at Buddy's Union Villa, Easton, MA Those who know me realize that I have a real "thing" for bar pizza, even though it is not actually my favorite style of pie (to me, there's nothing like a traditional thin-crust pizza when it is done right). Over the past several years, I have tried a number of these little individual pizzas at various restaurants and bars around Boston--mostly on the South Shore, to be more accurate, as bar pie is generally found south of the city. I know that I am missing at least a few spots that I have been to, but below is a list of 25 places where I have had bar pizza:

1) Alumni Cafe, Quincy
2) Brown Jug, Chelsea
3) Buddy's Union Villa, Easton
4) Cafe Venice, Norwood
5) Christo's, Brockton
6) Coop's Bar and Grill, Quincy
7) Cronin's Publick House, Quincy
8) Doyle's Bar & Grill, South Easton
9) Doyle's Cafe, Jamaica Plain
10) Emma's Pub and Pizza, Bridgewater
11) Halfway Cafe, Holbrook
12) Highland Cafe [CLOSED], Malden
13) La Hacienda, Somerville
14) Liberty Grille, Hingham
15) Louis' Crossing, Quincy
16) Lynwood Cafe, Randolph
17) Martini's Restaurant, Weymouth
18) Monte's, Lynn
19) Newtowne Grille Food & Spirits, Cambridge
20) The Paddock [CLOSED], Walpole
21) Pleasant Cafe, Roslindale
22) Poopsie's, Pembroke
23) Town Spa Pizza, Stoughton
24) Varsity Club, Quincy
25) Woody's, Boston

So which ones are my personal favorites? Well, the Lynwood Cafe in Randolph has to be on the list, as well as the Alumni Cafe in Quincy and Monte's in Lynn. To be honest, most were very good, though there were a few duds (Martini's in Weymouth comes to mind).

I'm always looking for good bar pizza, so if you know of any that are not on the list above, please let me know via the comments section here, thanks!

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T said:
Monte's is my favorite...want to try the New Brown Jug..
Posted on 4/21/11
KL said:
Christo's is GREAT! I'd also recommend Venus Cafe in Whitman.
Posted on 4/21/11
Stacey said:
The Red Wing in Walpole.
Posted on 4/21/11
Amanda said:
Cagney's in Quincy has some good bar pizza! So does the Golden China in Canton.
Posted on 4/21/11
Greg said:
The Place on Broad Street in Boston. Served late till 2am I think!
Posted on 4/21/11
JJ said:
I know you've been to The Colonial House in Norwood - did you get a pizza there? They're not in the league of the Lynwood, but the C-House pizza is very good. Especially on Fridays. With lots of cold beer.
Posted on 4/21/11
MH said:
JJ, I haven't had the pizza at The Colonial House yet. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try it the next time I go.
Posted on 4/21/11
adriane said:
Town Spa in Stoughton, MA
1119 Washington Street
Posted on 4/21/11
Ak said:
Ravi's Pasta and Pizzeria -- (old Highland Cafe in Malden) really really good.
Posted on 4/21/11
ECS said:
Christo's in Brockton has the best bar pies in my opinion. A close second is The Quarterdeck Lounge in Hyannis. This little dive bar hidden across from the airport is owned and operated by the family of Frank Black, singer of the Pixies, They only do pizza on Monday nights from 5-9:30. They are $2 for cheese, 25 cents a topping. Paired with a $1.50 PBR you can't go wrong and even after tipping Buster the bartender you will still have enough money for a round of pool, fooseball or to bully the jukebox.
Posted on 4/21/11
JJ said:
Give me a heads-up on Twitter and I'll join you at the Colonial. Would love to meet one of my online heroes. :-)
Posted on 4/21/11
JJ said:
I had the pizza at the Red Wing and was very under-whelmed. To each their own, I guess.
Posted on 4/21/11
Lindsey said:
Sissy K's in Boston has a damn good pizza.
Posted on 4/21/11
Robbie J said:
@robbiej73 Brown Jug is great. Kelly Square Pub in Eastie is very good too.
Posted on 4/21/11
kf said:
Amvets pizza in Randolph.
Posted on 4/21/11
JT said:
Pepperoni's in Raynham, MA Garlic pizza, and buffalo chx pizza are YUM
Posted on 4/21/11
Jolyon Helterman said:
Lynwood Cafe!!
Posted on 4/21/11
Nunzio said:
Paul's Pizza, Falmouth.
Posted on 4/21/11
jmaddenmass said:
Missing Amvets in Randolph, supposedly one of the originators.
Also Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton.
Posted on 4/21/11
jf said:
Cape Cod Pizza in Brockton.
Posted on 4/21/11
KW said:
Wonder Bar in Allston has great bar pizza.
Posted on 4/21/11
ringo said:
Fowler House in Quincy.
Posted on 4/21/11
ml said:
Conrad's in Norwood. BBC is good too.
Posted on 4/21/11
PS said:
Poopsies in Pembroke is the bomb for bar pizza.
Posted on 4/22/11
Sue said:
Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton is awesome. Ironically, bar pizza is one of the things I really miss living here on Cape Cod!
Posted on 4/22/11
pp said:
Damien's pub Rte 58 Hanson, Ma blows away Christo's, Lynwood, Venice and Poopsie's...
Posted on 4/22/11
MC said:
You should really try Venus Cafe in Whitman, it blows the Lynwood away.
Posted on 4/23/11
MH said:
The Venus has been on my list of places to try for awhile. Hopefully sometime this spring.
Posted on 4/23/11
dci said:
TC Landos - Acton.
Posted on 4/23/11
anonymous said:
Jp Ryans abington! :)
Posted on 4/23/11
karin said:
The Red Rooster in Foxboro has excellent pizza!!
Posted on 4/23/11
anonymous said:
Posted on 4/23/11
rg01 said:
Pauls Pizza in Falmouth or Warrens Place in Weymouth
Posted on 4/23/11
EM said:
I'm from the South Shore, have been going to a few places in the area for years. I would recommend Venus Cafe in Whitman, Town Spa, Spencer's Pizza in Abington, Lynwood Cafe, and Damien's in Hanson (no specific order, they're all good).
I hope people understand the difference of "bar pizza" and "bar style pizza" because it's a huge difference in crust. Just FYI.
I keep looking for bar style pizza in Boston that's similar so any tips is appreciated!
Posted on 4/23/11
Rich D said:
Rick's Cafe & Pizzeria, in Randolph! BBQ Chicken's a highlight. We'd go there after games at Canton SportsPlex.
Posted on 4/23/11
cleody said:
All y'all are missing out on PaRaffa's in New Bedford. Maybe that's not 'Boston area'? I work in Boston, but I go to PaRaffa' only.
Posted on 4/23/11
JSN said:
Posted on 4/23/11
ws said:
Penguin Pizza in Mission Hill.
Posted on 4/23/11
Frank P. said:
8/10 Bar and Grill on Norwood St., Everett.
Posted on 4/23/11
David said:
I just went and tried the Randolph Amvets AKA Hoey's Pizza. WOW really good!! My number 2 to Lynwood!!!
Posted on 4/23/11
Check said:
In the mood for pizza today (Easter) and Lynwood, Town Spa and Cape Cod are all closed, so I came to Christo's, based on this post..
I called my order in ahead of time and said I'd be eating at the bar, like i always do at the aforementioned 3 spots, and I was told they don't allow phoning ahead to eat at the bar..
Sitting at the bar now, and the bartender told me that he can't take my food order, but he'd get me a waitress.. I've waited 10 minutes so far, and was FINALLY able to put my order in..
Better be worth it!!
Posted on 4/24/11
Annie P said:
Denly's in Weymouth is not on the list! Their Sorrento pizza with fresh tomato and eggplant is out of this world, second only to the mushroom and pepper.
Posted on 4/25/11
Rich O said:
Lynwood, Alumni, Monte's, Poopsies, and an honorable mention to Town Spa...circa 15 years ago (now, not so much)
Posted on 4/30/11
Ken Carlson said:
Riverview Restaurant in Ipswich MA is a classic must try bar pizza.
Posted on 5/12/11
BK said:
Big D's (AKA the Neponset Cafe) is decent too. Very inexpensive!
Posted on 6/9/11
TZ said:
Geri's Pizza
Posted on 2/7/12
mikcal said:
AMVETS Randolph, very good pie. I live on the N Shore now... miss the bar pizza a lot. They have no clue up here.
Posted on 3/17/12
MkCal said:
Please, someone open a place up here on the n shore. I grew up down the st from the Lynwood. Amvetts pie is just as good. Miss it.
Posted on 2/26/13
Sweeney said:
Dude! AMVETS pizza is the God of bar pizzas....we would order 45 of them for family get togethers...AMVETS pizza Randolph's up behind the Randolph playground by the rink.
Posted on 5/23/13
w6a4s said:
ULTIMATE PIZZA. in south Easton.......really good bar pizza....very consistent... plenty of toppings too
Posted on 9/20/13

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