Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Wendell's Pub

30 West Main Street, Norton, MA 02766
(508) 285-5555 Find location!

Photo of Wendell's Pub, Norton, MA Although it would probably be unfair to call Wendell's Pub in Norton a culinary one-trick pony (or is it one-trick chicken?), for most people, there is one reason, and one reason only, to come to this rather forlorn dining spot on Route 123, and that is for their absolutely spectacular Buffalo-style chicken wings. Yes, there are a few other items on the menu that are supposedly decent, and yes, their boneless wings are second to none in taste and texture, but the bottom line is that it's all about the Buffalo wings at Wendell's Pub.

As previously mentioned, Wendell's Pub is a rather sad-looking place, located in a house that looks more like a southern honky tonk than a restaurant near Boston. And the inside is a bit stark and gloomy with a strange setup in which tables are lined up against the sides of the dining room with a big empty space in the middle. A small bar is located in the back, and off to the side are rest rooms that have seen better days.

What Wendell's lacks in atmosphere, however, it more than makes up for with its wings; they come with several options for sauce, ranging from sissy to double dare (which is not ever on the menu, it's so hot). The mid-level 3.5 sauce is plenty hot, and a good place to start for newcomers to Wendell's. The wings themselves are remarkable in taste, as they are very crispy (unlike the wings at so many other places), as fresh as you can get, and literally bursting with flavor. And as mentioned, for those who don't like traditional wings, the boneless Buffalo wings are fabulous, with a buttery coating that gives them a mouthwatering texture.

So there you have it....If you are looking for a restaurant to go to on a first date, forget Wendell's; if you are wearing an Izod shirt and a pair of expensive khakis, perhaps you should keep going (more for the mess you'll make of your clothes than anything); and if you are looking for an "in" place where the beautiful people go, definitely drive on. But if you want perhaps the best Buffalo wings east of Buffalo, Wendell's Pub is definitely your place. Norton may seem a bit far from Boston for a meal, but believe me, there are some folks who would drive to the end of the world to get wings like these.