Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Village Sushi and Grill

14 Corinth Street, Roslindale, MA 02131
(617) 363-7874 Find location!
--- Winner, Best Japanese Restaurant in Boston Area, 2013 (also 2012) ---

Photo of Village Sushi and Grill, Roslindale, MA Ho hum, just another terrific restaurant in the Boston neighborhood of Roslindale. So what is going on with this section of the city, anyway? From the Mediterranean spot Sophia's Grotto to the New American eatery Birch Street Bistro (Village Sushi shares an outdoor dining area with Sophia's Grotto and the Birch Street Bistro, by the way) to the Italian restaurant Delfino and a number of others, including Village Sushi and Grille, this little neighborhood is really establishing quite a reputation for good food.

Village Sushi and Grill is indeed one of these Roslindale restaurants that is developing a reputation, and for good reason; although this quiet, peaceful Japanese dining spot (with some Korean dishes as well) is still not very well known, there are occasional whispers about this place being one of the best spots for sushi in Boston. This may be no exaggeration, as the salmon and tuna sushi (including a delightfully crunchy and spicy tuna katsu maki), the very rich-tasting Las Vegas maki (Crab meat, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese topped with spicy tuna with mayo and tobiko), and several other options are about as good as you'll find in the region, while other very interesting options can be found as well, including a "summer breeze," which is basically a maki cone with tuna, salmon, whitefish and tobiko stuffed into a cucumber wrap. For those who aren't big fans of seafood, there are a number of vegetarian maki options, including a delightfully zesty pickled radish maki and a savory Japanese squash maki, as well as maki with spinach, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, and plum paste.

If you are not a sushi fan, don't fret; Village Sushi has an extensive menu featuring such dishes as seaweed soup (made extra briny, thanks to a single mussel placed at the bottom), a hearty beef dumpling soup (also with seaweed), steamed beef gyoza (basically beef--or veggie--dumplings without the soup), moderately spicy wasabi shumai that include seasoned ground pork, a regular version of shumai for those who don't like the zing from wasabi, delectable udon and soba noodle dishes, and a chicken katsu plate that comes with a sweet plum sauce. One option, which is within the Korean part of the menu, is the bibimbap, which can be ordered in a traditional hot stone pot that keeps the food sizzling while you eat it. The complex flavors and textures of the vegetables and sesame oil in the bibimbap make for a memorable meal, and it can be ordered with beef, chicken, tuna, salmon, or as a vegetarian dish. Another Korean item is mandoo kuk, which is a meal-sized soup that includes dumplings stuffed with a nicely-textured (and well-seasoned) ground beef. Drinks at Village Sushi include Asian beers, plum wine, sake, and a rather strong but satisfying saketini.

The Boston area is home to several outstanding Japanese and Korean restaurants, but not many remain nearly completely undiscovered like Village Sushi. If you are in Roslindale and are looking for a top Asian restaurant, you can't do much better than this fine little restaurant in the heart of the village.