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New Jang Su BBQ

260 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 272-3787 Find location!

Photo of New Jang Su, Burlington, MA Are you looking for a great Korean restaurant to go to in the Boston area? If so, you might want to think about heading up to...Burlington? Yes, while this crossroads town north of Beantown is probably known more for its malls, industrial parks, and traffic jams than it is for its restaurants, Burlington is also the home of not only one of the best Korean restaurants in the Boston area, but perhaps one of the best Asian restaurants, period, in the entire Greater Boston region. New Jang Su certainly seems to be that good.

New Jang Su is located in a nondescript shopping center just north of the center of Burlington. It is easy to miss, as there are a string of identical-looking shopping centers on the northbound side of Route 3A. Once inside New Jang Su, the first thing you will notice is the fact that the tables have barbecue grills built into them. My recommendation is to go for this option, as the food, as well as the overall experience, is unforgettable. The thin strips of prime rib are scrumptious, and the shredded chicken with onions is just as good. The waitstaff brings several sides to go with the grilled meats, including radish, fish cakes, sprouts in a tangy sauce, soy paste, and large pieces of lettuce that can be used as a kind of pocket to put everything in.

New Jang Su, in short, is a truly authentic Korean barbecue restaurant that may not be for everybody (vegetarians might not be crazy about New Jang Su, although there are options for them, too), but is an outstanding place to come for lunch or dinner. If you are at the Burlington Mall and are tired of the Food Court or the many generic chain restaurants in the area, head one exit over to Route 3A north for a dining experience that will probably be the first of many for you at Burlington's fantastic New Jang Su.