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Maxie's Delicatessen

117 Sharon Street, Stoughton, MA 02072
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Photo of Maxies Delicatessen, Stoughton, MA When people think of Boston-area delis, they tend to think of the places that are scattered throughout the Jewish neighborhoods of the town of Brookline, with Rubin's, Michael's, and Zaftigs being three such delis. There is another deli worth seeking out, however, that is hidden in a nondescript shopping center in a southern suburbs of Boston. It is called Maxie's, and it is located on the Stoughton/Canton/Sharon line, a region that also has a fairly large Jewish population.

Maxie's Delicatessen may not be in a particularly interesting location, but once inside, it is easy to be fooled into thinking that you are somewhere on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Bagels, lox, and luncheon meats sit under a glass counter near the front, while hard chairs and tables shine in the brightly lit rooms of the restaurant. The menu has everything from overstuffed corned beef and pastrami sandwiches to hearty knishes to sweet-tasting noodle pudding to savory potato latkes and much more. And if you're a soup lover, don't forget the excellent matzo ball soup here, which is a true comfort food--and one that is very soothing if you happen to have a cold.

It needs to be said that no deli in the Boston area can really match the quality of top New York delis such as Barney Greengrass, the Carnegie Deli, or Katz's Delicatessen, but Maxie's isn't all that far behind. If you want good deli food and don't want to deal with the stress of Brookline's heavy traffic or difficult parking (and don't want to drive four hours to Manhattan), take a spin down to this little-known gem just off of Route 27.