Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Lynwood Cafe

320 Center Street, Randolph, MA 02368
(781) 963-9894 Find location!
--- Winner, Best Pizza in Boston Area, 2013 (also 2007) ---

Photo of Lynwood Cafe, Randolph, MA Everyone has a favorite pizza place in the Boston area; some names that repeatedly come up are Santarpio's Pizza in East Boston, Picco in the South End, Pizzeria Regina in the North End, and Emma's in Cambridge. To this list, another name needs to be added, though most people have probably never heard of it. The place is called the Lynwood Cafe, and it is located at a deserted-looking crossroads in a rather gritty part of Randolph. Aside from being relatively little-known, the Lynwood is nearly impossible to find if you don't know the area, and indeed, even people who have been to the place a few times (including this writer) still have trouble finding it. But for bar pizza, it may be the best in the Boston area, which makes it well worth seeking out if you like that style of pie.

While most people do takeout at the Lynwood Cafe, many others grab a table here to soak up the rather interesting atmosphere, which can only be described as something one might find in the backwoods of northern New England. The place resides on the ground floor of what looks like a multiple family dwelling, and the interior feels a bit like a VFW hall or an Elks lodge in a way. A handful of tables and booths can be found here, along with a jukebox, a couple of game-room type games toward the back, and a bar/counter area that is often piled high with pizzas that are getting ready to be picked up.

As mentioned earlier, the Lynwood Cafe makes what is called "bar pizza," which may not sound particularly appetizing, but when done right, bar pies can be completely addictive (especially if you have one with a beer or two) and gone in a flash, since they are small in size. Greasy, thin-crusted, slightly chewy, and almost mind-blowing in the taste department, the bar pizza at the Lynwood (which include such toppings as hamburg and pepperoni) is a culinary piece of perfection. Indeed, locals from Randolph and the surrounding communities can often be seen leaving this tired old place with several pizzas to take back home to hungry friends and family members (and possibly to freeze for later).

The Lynwood Cafe is one of those restaurants that is usually discovered \by word of mouth. But word about this place does seem to be getting out slowly but surely, and for good reason; when people talk about bar pizza, this is the spot that is often considered to be head and shoulders above all the others in and around Boston.