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120 North Franklin Street (Route 37), Holbrook, MA, 02343
(781) 961-2475 Find location!

Photo of Leggos, Holbrook, MA There are plenty of breakfast places in the Greater Boston area, but few of the old-fashioned breakfast spots seem to have outdoor dining (especially in the suburbs). Sure, there are lots of dining spots that have outdoor decks or patios, but not many of them focus on customers looking for bacon and eggs or pancakes along with a cup of coffee early in the morning. And that's why Leggos in Holbrook stands out a bit among the breakfast spots located south of Boston. Not only does it have an area where you can enjoy morning breezes on a nice summer day, but it is also a friendly ma-and-pa spot that serves up good meals at relatively cheap prices.

Leggos is located at the northern edge of the center of Holbrook, on a tree-shaded stretch of Route 37 not far from the Braintree line. It looks like your typical breakfast joint, with a brightly lit interior and rows of basic but comfortable tables, several of which have window views of the patio and the street beyond. And the patio is a great place to spend some time, as much of it is tree-shaded (and the umbrellas add even more shade) with a fountain in the back, and there are enough tables and seats to accommodate both large and small groups. A now-famous statue of Bart Simpson can occasionally be found hanging out by the patio (the statue made the news back in 2010 after it was stolen, though it was soon returned), along with a statue of his father Homer.

The breakfast menu is pretty straightforward at Leggos, though there are some little "twists" here and there, such as breakfast quesadillas, breakfast burritos, and crepes (the apple-cinnamon crepes are especially rich and flavorful, while the strawberry crepes have a nice sweet-and-savory mix of tastes). All the basics are here, such as various breakfast plates, homemade waffles (including tart and tangy cranberry waffles), pancakes, French toast, and eggs. Sides include both decent home fries and crispy hash browns, and corned beef hash that is tasty without being too greasy. The coffee at Leggos is pretty solid, as it is neither too weak nor too harsh and should satisfy most tastes. Leggos, by the way, also has a lunch menu that includes all kinds of sandwiches as well as some classic comfort food entrees (including macaroni and cheese) and pitchers of beer, but breakfast seems to be the main focus at this place.

The towns around Holbrook, including Randolph, Abington, Braintree, and Brockton, have plenty of good breakfast places, some of which give Leggos a run for its money. But few, if any, have bragging rights on outdoor dining, and it is such a little-known local spot that it rarely gets crowded. Do you enjoy waking up to a good, hearty breakfast while taking in a bit of the great outdoors? If so, Leggos may be a place worth checking out.