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Jake's Seafood Restaurant

50 George Washington Boulevard, Hull, MA 02045
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Photo of Jake's Seafood Restaurant, Hull, MA The seaside town of Hull, MA, is a place that has definitely seen its share of ups and downs over the years. Formerly an extremely popular summer resort with all kinds of attractions, Hull's fortunes dipped a little over the past few decades but it now seems to be on the comeback trail, with grand old oceanfront homes being renovated, funky shops along Nantasket Beach catering to beachgoers, and new (and old) restaurants offering up some very nice cuisine to both visitors and residents of this old beach town.

One of the oldest restaurants in Hull is Jake's Seafood Restaurant, a friendly dining spot that overlooks the water near Nantasket Beach. Jake's is a family-owned restaurant that has been around since just after World War II, and is closely connected with the town of Hull through charities, fundraisers, and community events. Not surprisingly, locals go to Jake's on a regular basis to enjoy great seafood while looking out at the bay (from either inside the restaurant or from their outdoor deck), though few people outside of the area seem to know about the place.

You can order a wide variety of dishes at Jake's, including a healthy and tasty Mediterranean salad, wonderful Cajun-fried tilapia, tremendous baked scallops (fresh and firm), fried clams and clam strips that are both tender without being too soft and mushy, fried catfish that has a crunchy batter yet is flaky and moist on the inside, and mouthwatering hand-cut onion rings. Other dishes at Jake's that you might not find in too many seafood restaurants include arctic char (vaguely similar to salmon), smelts, and buffalo fish tenders. For those of you who do not like seafood, Jake's does have a couple of chicken and steak dishes, but the seafood is the thing at this restaurant.

There are a number of good seafood restaurants along the coast south of Boston, including the Hingham Lobster Pound, a local favorite in Hingham, the Haddad's, a hidden restaurant in the Brant Rock of Marshfield, and many others. Whether Jake's Seafood Restaurant is the best of the seafood places on the South Shore is certainly up for debate, but this writer would put it near the top for sure, and one restaurant that seafood lovers should definitely consider. (call ahead, though, as Jake's does close during the winter months).