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Grumpy's Restaurant

1408 Main Street (Route 6A), East Dennis, MA, 02641
(508) 385-2911 Find location!

Photo of Grumpy's Restaurant, East Dennis, MA (Cape Cod) Cape Cod is full of fun, interesting restaurants of all kinds, from rustic seafood shacks to elegant Italian bistros to everything in between. Indeed, it is often difficult to choose where to eat on the cape, as there are just so many places from which to choose, and it's not just the bigger towns like Hyannis, Falmouth, and Provincetown that have them, as you can also find places in the smaller communities and along the many quiet stretches of road. And if you want a tip on a great place to go that is a bit unknown and out of the way, think about going to Grumpy's Restaurant in East Dennis, a longtime favorite that is extremely popular with locals, but virtually unknown to mostly everyone else, including tourists and other travelers to the area.

Grumpy's is located in a plain-looking one-story structure on scenic Route 6A between Dennis and East Dennis. It is easy to miss, as most people's eyes gravitate toward the beauty of the old homes, bucolic marshlands, and charming antique stores along Route 6A. But while Grumpy's may not look like the most charming place on Cape Cod, it is a mellow, comfortable spot with lots of elbow room inside, and carpeting that keeps the volume at a decent level.

Grumpy's is a big hit with people who like to start their day with a hearty breakfast--pancakes (including cornmeal pancakes which are like big versions of Rhode Island jonnycakes), omelettes, eggs benedict (including a great version with crabcakes) and waffles can be had at reasonable prices. Grumpy's is also a wonderful spot to go if you like sandwiches. Some of the better ones include the thick and juicy all-beef hot dog, the tuna melt, the monte cristo, and the pastrami sandwich (when they have it). And don't ignore the old-fashioned macaroni and cheese, as it is one of the best on the Cape, and ridiculously cheap. Finally, if you like fish cakes, Grumpy's has very tasty version with a savory combination of potatoes and fish, while the fish and chips are substantial and not too greasy. And yes, if you want to be really decadent, you can get the crab cakes and macaroni and cheese together on one plate. [Ed note: The restaurant now only offers fish cakes rather than crab cakes.] Finally, one dish that isn't quite breakfast and isn't quite lunch is the stuffed potato, which is basically a potato cut in half, filled with corned beef hash, and topped with scrambled eggs and hollandaise sauce. In other words, it is a dish that is not for the health-conscious, but for all others, a sinful treat that is worth trying once in a great while.

Grumpy's Restaurant is by no means a fancy place, but it is a terrific spot to go to for breakfast or lunch, and a place where families and senior citizens can feel comfortable at. Definitely try to get to Grumpy's if you can, as it is a special breakfast and lunch spot that also happens to be on one of the most beautiful roads in Massachusetts.