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Grandma's Kitchen

Lancaster Road (Route 3), Whitefield, NH 03598
(603) 837-2525 Find location!

Photo of Grandma's Kitchen, in Whitefield, NH Time and time again, Boston's Hidden Restaurants realizes that sometimes the best restaurants are also the most difficult to find. And that is surely the case with Grandma's Kitchen, a tiny little roadside restaurant that is up near the northern tip of New Hampshire on a part of US Route 3 that looks little like the same traffic-filled road that cuts through Cambridge and Boston. Indeed, most people will never even drive by Grandma's Kitchen, since the little town of Whitefield is a ways north of most fall foliage and winter sports destinations in New Hampshire.

From the outside, Grandma's Kitchen looks like just another rural restaurant or diner. And yes, the interior is instantly familiar, with its handful of booths, its counter and stools, and its screened-in porch in the back for those warm sunny days during the summer. But the food at Grandma's Kitchen is well above that of many other diners and family restaurants in the Granite State, and has actually been recognized by a national magazine as one of a handful of places to check out in New Hampshire. And yes, the food at Grandma's Kitchen is fabulous; the turkey club with maple-glazed bacon is a winner, perhaps as good a club sandwich as you will find in the region, and the steak and cheese, while not quite as good as, say, Doogie's in Newington, CT (the best this writer has ever had), is surely a sandwich that will put a smile on your face. Grandma's has some good dinners, too, including a fried seafood dish that fills the restaurant with glorious smells, and a great-looking ham steak dinner. Grandma's Kitchen also serves breakfast all day for those who like eggs or pancakes at all hours.

This writer does not expect many of you to ever get to Grandma's Kitchen, as, even though it is only 3 hours from Boston, it is just far enough away from North Woodstock, Lincoln, Jackson, and North Conway to keep people from finding it. But if you happen to be in the great north woods of northern New Hampshire, make sure you look for this wonderful place on Route 3 north. Chances are, you will be happy you made the trip there.