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Farm Grill and Rotisserie

40 Needham Street, Newton, MA 02461
(617) 964-7766 Find location!
--- Winner, Best Greek Restaurant in Boston Area, 2008 (also 2007) ---

Photo of Farm Grill and Rotisserie, Newton, MA The always-busy Needham Street in Newton that runs from the Needham line into the Newton Upper Falls and Newton Highlands area might seem like an odd place for a terrific Greek restaurant, as one of the city's most commercial roads is filled with chain stores, auto shops, office space, and the like. But there is indeed an independent Greek dining spot right in the middle of it all that is certainly good enough to justify a trip from other parts of the western suburbs, or Boston or the North or South Shore, for that matter. And while the Farm Grill and Rotisserie might not be the best-known Greek restaurant in the Greater Boston area, it is surely a restaurant that lovers of Greek food should try to seek out, just for the "hidden" factor alone if you tend to be a fan of little-known eateries.

The Farm Grill and Rotisserie is attractive in a simple, understated way, with ceiling murals, Greek art scattered about, and a liberal use of blue and white paint to give the place an authentic Greek feel. The restaurant is a simple, casual, almost no-frills spot where patrons order at the counter, then grab a table and wait for the waitstaff to bring the food over or pick it up depending on how busy it is. The food itself tends to be a bit more light and fresh-tasting than that of some other Greek restaurants in the Boston area, with fresh ingredients used and healthy options available. The lemon chicken soup is freshly made and delicious, while the Greek salad is excellent, and it is much better with chicken gyro meat included which goes nicely with the feta. Speaking of gyro meat, the gyros at Farm Grill are huge, with the chicken gyro having so much meat that it is nearly impossible to eat without a knife and fork. The stuffed grape leaves are firm and tasty and can be eaten cold as an appetizer or hot as a meal, placed over a bed of rice with a tasty lemon chicken sauce drizzled on top. Other dishes served at the Farm Grill and Rotisserie include a decadent pastitzio with ground beef; an equally hearty moussaka with creamy bechamel sauce; a juicy and savory rotisserie chicken including a quarter chicken that's plenty big enough for a full meal; a classic lamb chop dish; and a marvelous version of spinach pie. The usual sides come with the meals, including some marvelous roasted potatoes and a classic rice pilaf, and, of course, there are those wonderful Greek desserts, including baklava, if you happen to have any room left.

It is nice to see a casual Greek restaurant that is located so close to Route 128, since so many Greek restaurants in the Greater Boston area are located in in Cambridge and Boston. For those who live in the suburbs west of Boston, the Farm Grill and Rotisserie is definitely one of the relatively few choices for Greek cuisine, and a very fine one at that.