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Bedford House Of Roast Beef

328 Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730
(781) 275-2006 Find location!

Photo of Bedford House Of Roast Beef, Bedford, MA While roast beef joints can be found all over Eastern Massachusetts, the northern suburbs of Boston--and particularly the North Shore area--is where you can find most of the best ones, with such spots as Nick's in Beverly, John's in Lynn, and Billy's in Wakefield often being mentioned as top picks. But there are other good ones away from the communities north of the city, with such spots as Skampa in Cambridge and Georgio's in Brockton being great options--and one of the very best in the entire region is a place called Bedford House of Roast Beef, a shop that more or less straddles the area where the northern suburbs meet the western suburbs. Never heard of it? Well, you aren't the only one.

Located on a mostly commercial stretch of Routes 4 and 225 between Route 128 and the town center, Bedford House of Roast Beef sits at a turn in the road that makes it easy to miss--and the plain, squat building it shares with a couple of other businesses doesn't help matters much. The interior of the place is pure roast beef joint/sub shop, with a few formica tables set up and a counter taking up much of the space. It probably comes as no surprise that much of the business here is takeout, with locals picking up orders to take home or eat in their cars, or perhaps to enjoy at nearby outdoor areas and parks (the Minuteman Bikeway is a short distance south of the shop).

Like many roast beef joints, Bedford House Of Roast Beef has an extensive menu that goes well beyond its signature sandwiches, with the menu including Greek salads, curly fries, burgers, hot dogs, wings, gyros, grilled cheese sandwiches, pastrami, turkey clubs, Italian subs, steak bombs, clam rolls, calamari, and much, much more. The roast beef sandwiches are front and center here, though, as they are created much in the same way as those of the classic North Shore shops. The beef is thinly sliced, slightly warm, and deep red in color, indicating that it is cooked very rare, while the slightly spicy horseradish BBQ sauce, cheese, and mayo make for a classic "three-way" sandwich. One slight difference with the sandwiches at Bedford House Of Roast Beef is that sesame seed buns are used rather than onion rolls, which may not make purists happy, but the buns work very well with the roast beef and the toppings. Size options include a junior beef, a large beef, and a super beef, with the latter probably being the way to go (unless you're not all that hungry).

There are some people who consider Bedford House of Roast Beef to be THE best roast beef joint in the Greater Boston area, and while it might be a stretch to go that far--especially with such top-tier North Shore places as Nick's and Billy's around--it may just be the best west of the city, and it is much, much better than your typical roast beef spot.