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Andrina's Pizzeria

1060 Mass. Avenue, Arlington, MA 02476
(781) 648-4800 Find location!

Photo of Andrina's Pizzeria, Arlington, MA For those who have lived in or near Arlington for an extended period of time, there seems to be an ongoing joke that this northwest suburb of Boston is in constant need of more banks, salons, and yes, pizza places. Indeed, through the years, it seems like nearly every other block along Mass. Ave. has seen pizzerias come and go, and depending on whom you talk to, none of them reach the levels of, say, Santarpio's in East Boston, Regina's in the North End, or the Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale. For those who love Greek pizza, this may not be the case (Arlington is Greek pizza central), but if you are in need of Neapolitan pies, gourmet-style pizza, or Sicilian slices, Arlington can be a frustrating place at times. A few places do stand out, however, including one in Brattle Square called Andrina's that is often mentioned among the best options in town, and for good reason, as its thin-crust pizza is always a solid option while its staff is about as friendly as you'll find at a neighborhood pizza place.

Andrina's resides in a strip of businesses where Mass. Ave. meets Brattle Street, and it looks like every other takeout pizza spot in Arlington and elsewhere in the Greater Boston area. The setup inside is slightly more conducive to dining in than some of the other similar spots, as one room is mainly used for ordering and takeout while a room to the left is separated from the main area and has a handful of tables--and the fact that the dining area is basically a separate space makes it just a little more quiet and less hectic than being in a room that doubles as an ordering and pickup area. Some street parking can be found out front on Mass. Ave. along with School Street around the corner, and a small parking lot can be found out back as well.

As mentioned earlier, Arlington has a number of options for Greek pizza, including such decent spots for it as Olympic Pizza in East Arlington and Arlington House of Pizza just west of the center of town. Thin-crust pizza has typically been a bit tougher to find in town over the years, though Andrina's and a few others make it a little easier to find these days. Don't expect to find the type of classic Neapolitan pizza that you might find at Gran Gusto in Cambridge or true gourmet pizza like that offered at Picco in Boston's South End, but Andrina's does make an excellent thin-crust pizza that tends to be somewhat similar to, say, Louie's Pizza in Woburn, which is an underrated place in its own right. A variety of toppings (including pepperoni, mushroom, bacon and feta, hamburger) and specialty combos are offered here, including a baked potato pizza, a cheeseburger pizza, and a chicken caesar pizza, and all pies are offered in a gluten-free version as well. Small, large, and gluten-free pizzas start on either side of $10, with specialty pizzas with multiple toppings basically being on either side of $15 depending on the size. And for those who would rather eat something else, you'll find salads, wings, sides, and more on its menu.

Arlington will probably never be seen as a destination spot for pizza (though there is always hope), but if you look hard enough, you can find some pretty good ones in town, including Andrina's, which gets consistently high marks not only for its food but also for its service. The next time someone recommends going elsewhere for a pizza craving, take them here and see what they think--they may be pleasantly surprised.