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Who Has the Best Tiramisu in the Boston Area?

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What Boston-area restaurant has the best tiramisu? Any bakeries or pastry shops that have a particularly good version of this dessert? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

KB wrote:
Well, it was Marino's, but that sadly isn't an option anymore...

Rhea wrote:
Cafe Vittoria. Because it has that great dusting of coffee that tiramisu demands.

the modern serf wrote:
I had a pretty good tiramisu-style dish at Marliave, though it was served like a pudding instead of the traditional cake.

MAV wrote:
Out Of The Blue in Somerville, it is always very good...have not tasted better.

db wrote:
Cafe vittoria as well. Also had a really delicious one at cinquecento.

Sharon L. wrote:
Cafe Vittoria! I have dreams about it.

Lisa M. wrote:
Cafe Vittoria is still one of my favorite places for Tiramisu

ejk wrote:
LOL, I think that I make the best tiramisu around. But Cavinova's in Attleboro is also excellent.

AVV wrote:
Cafe Vittorio. Definitely.


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