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Who Has the Best Chicken Parmigiana in the Boston Area?

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What Boston-area restaurant, sub shop, bar, etc. has the best chicken parmigiana? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

Kim S. wrote:
Basta Pasta in Quincy makes it to order and their pasta is homemade fresh. They also have great red sauce. I'm a big fan of a lot of dishes on their menu.

Doreen I. V. wrote:
Husband loves all things parm. His vote is 89 Centrale Trattoria in Milford.

Rob H. wrote:
LaScala in Randolph

@apoling0 wrote:
giacomo's and artichokes

Ted wrote:
Alfredo's in Quincy

Kevin M. wrote:
Morena's or Slice Pizza, both in Wakefield

@OhioHeidi24 wrote:

Patrick M. wrote:
When I lived in the South End, Giacomo's or Anchovies.

Jon C. wrote:
Anchovies all day

ab wrote:
there's only one "best". That's Delfino in Rozzie! You're welcome!

GN wrote:
Maria's in Braintree.

pat patriot wrote:
Gotta go with la scala. Basta pasta close second

tp wrote:
Ricardo's in the North end

John D. wrote:
Brother's rt.1 makes a great one also

@FauxWalshie wrote:
Giacomo's Ristorante

Lin B. B. wrote:
I have to say that the very best I've ever had is from Nico's in the North End with their home made fusilli.

Julie K. wrote:
Delfino's Roslindale - Giacomo's South End

Paul B. wrote:
Joseph's Bakery in Southie.

Richard E. wrote:
giacomos north end

Nancy N. O. wrote:
Cafe Paradiso Swampscott...

John C. wrote:
Greg's Restaurant in Watertown

@Iappinic wrote:
Highly recommend Marco's Peabody #Amazing #SayYesToTheBread

scott d. wrote:
Johnny Macaronis East Bridgewater!

@JimDunna wrote:
Alfredo's in Quincy, Ma.

jeff s wrote:
Tremezzio In Wilmington.
Nicely breaded, butterflied, pounded and Good portion. But you have to try for yourself. Heaven on a plate.

brian wrote:
Victors - Ball Square

JM wrote:
No one tops the chicken parm at Vinny's at Night in Somerville

@Mmb728 wrote:

jpt wrote:
Villa. In cochituate

Scott wrote:
Gotta be Vinny's At Night aka Vinny's Ristorante in Somerville for the best Chicken Parm

John N. wrote:
Angelo's Federal Hill

Greg P. wrote:
Gregg's in Watertown

Michelle E. wrote:
Used to love Newbridge

Chuck D. wrote:
Rino's Place

big A wrote:
Floramos in Chelsea hands down. It's huge! And it's real chicken not frozen or processed. Comes with pasta and salad too.

EAM wrote:
Venezia in Dorchester

Cia wrote:
LaScala in Randolph or Mother Anna's in the North End! Mmmm...

mav wrote:
Oh yes, I second Vinny's At Night...awesome food!!

drb wrote:
Porta Bella Broadway in south Boston.

rb wrote:
Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale.

md wrote:

cg wrote:
Jimmys in arlington

Keith N wrote:
Giacomo's in the North End

Melissa D. B. wrote:

Ed C. wrote:
I'm more of a veal parm guy, but Jack's in malden is excellent

Louis C. wrote:
Olivia's in Haverhill.

Nancy N. O. wrote:
Cafe Paradiso Swampscott

David A. wrote:
Mario's in Lexington Center

Greg G. wrote:
Hacienda in Somerville

Buster M. wrote:
Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale.

@dannymahoney wrote:
Genarros in Quincy. Plus so much of it you can't finish!

@travers_peggy wrote:
Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale; perfection with a side of ravioli!

cmw wrote:
La Hacienda in Somerville hands down

Drew S. wrote:
I had a really nice "grown up" (my words) chicken parm at Centre St. Cafe the other night

cmw wrote:
La Hacienda in Somerville hands down

bjm wrote:
Pleasant Cafe Rozzie


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