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Unreviewed Restaurants >> Massachusetts >> Windy City Eats (Weymouth)

Windy City Eats

***** (5 stars, based on 10 reviews)
407A Middle Street, Weymouth, MA 02189
(781) 335-0023 Find location!

Windy City Eats is a hot dog joint in Weymouth, MA, that Boston's Hidden Restaurants has not yet reviewed, but is considered a restaurant of interest by this Web site. Below is a section where our readers can give us their own reviews of Windy City Eats.

Sample items on the menu at Windy City Eats include hot dogs, Italian beef, capicola sandwiches, and pastrami.

Cuisine: hot dogs
Cost: cheap eats
Location: just north of Route 53
One Reason to Go: Chicago-style hot dogs

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*****Fred from Hanson, MA, says:
Simply the best hot dogs anywhere.This is a hot dog oasis in a area where a place to get a good dog are few and far in between.
(Posted on 4/7/11)

*****Mara K. from Brockton, MA, says:
I love this place - as a huge fan of Chicago-style dogs, this is my favorite hot dog place in New England. While I love the Chicago dogs here, I must say that there is no finer hot dog in this area than Windy City's Dogfather. You have one with a side of chili cheese fries and a soda, and you've done well for yourself. I also suggest trying the pizza puffs - they're pretty dang tasty. The owners are extremely friendly and happy to chat with you about the food, sports, the weather, or whatever you might like to chat about! Also fun: reading what people write on the currency taped to the walls.
(Posted on 1/11/11)

*****JE from Duxbury, MA, says:
Best dog anywhere! Outrageously flavorful. Get the firedog- its way better than any regular dog here or anywhere. It's spicy hot and thick like a hot Italian sausage and can be subbed for any of the dogs (except foot longs) on the menu. It's first steamed then char-broiled creating a crispy finish that explodes with juices and flavor upon biting it. It sort of tastes more like steak than lowly hotdog. I drive about 45 miles round trip 3 times a month to get my fix. The Chicago dog I tried only because like a big Mac is to MacDonald's, it's the namesake of the restaurant. I really had to step away from my comfort zone to try a dog with not only mustard, relish (weird green!) and onion but wedges of dill pickles, tomatoes? sport peppers? (jalapeno like gherkins) celery salt? But what a surprise- it works so well together with the poppy seed bun I now order it every visit. I get the Chicago firedog and the Dogfather (with a firedog), a chili-cheese dog with perhaps the best chili recipe (for a hot dog that is) I have come across. The cheese is real, not fake cheese "goo." If you like onions, ask Grady or Sen to sub grilled onions for the raw ones. The grilled version, slightly caramelized, put these dogs into the 5 star gourmet category. I call ahead from the road about 10 minutes out and they have it ready for me when I arrive. They are short on seating inside but I prefer eating in my car listening to a book anyway. The Italian beef is great too but better eaten there as it drips copiously (completely dunked in juices) by design.
(Posted on 1/10/11)

*****Al Janik from Somerville, MA, says:
I'm from Chicago and I'm here to say that while the Chicago style dog is everything it is supposed to be, you have GOT to try their italian beef sandwich ... order it wet and hot and discover why this can be enjoyed everywhere in Chicago (but join me in being puzzled why it can ONLY be found here in all of New England!).
(Posted on 8/10/10)

*****JL from Arlington, VA, says:
I had one hot dog with chili and sauerkraut and licked the paper clean of the chili. Then I had the Chicago Dog. Seriously, just order two dogs to start and save yourself the trouble of ordering twice.
(Posted on 11/19/09)

*****JimandFranO from North Salem, NY, say:
Windy City Eats is a 'must visit' every time we are in the area. The welcome and high quality and super tasty menu items brings us back again and again. Our family loves getting gift cards for Windy City Eats.
(Posted on 7/13/09)

*****JohnnyW from Weymouth, MA, says:
This place rocks! I have been in search for the perfect hot dog for years now and I've finally found it here. If you're a 1st timer there you should try the "Chicago Dog." It's just delicious along with some shoe string can't go wrong at Windy City Eats.
(Posted on 3/23/09)

*****LF from Mesilla, NM, says:
Awesome dogs!!!! Chicago style is authentic with the neon green relish and poppyseed buns, Vienna beef dogs!
Great offerings - the corn dog with freshly made cornmeal batter is a treat and if you are really hungry, the Grady steak sandwich with grilled onions and mushrooms is filling as well as scrumptious.
(Posted on 3/10/09)

*****Sharon from Weymouth, MA, says:
Lately it is hard to find a business that genuinely cares about the customer - Windy City is one - the menu is somewhat limited which makes for perfection every time - the owners are customer satisfaction driven which means you are guaranteed to enjoy your dog every time - but don't just limit it to the dogs; try the pastrami on rye - you might find it a little hard to find but it is well worth the effort!
(Posted on 3/9/09)

*****JM from Weymouth, MA, says:
I have tried just about every hot dog in this place and love all of them...Their sweet potato fries are great also...Check them out if you're in the area...
(Posted on 2/17/09)

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