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Pho So 1 Boston

223 Adams Street, Dorchester, MA 02122
(617) 474-1999 Find location!

Photo of Pho So 1 Boston, in Dorchester, MA The Fields Corner section of Dorchester has become a restaurant row of sorts for people who love Vietnamese food. Pho Hoa on Dorchester Avenue and Pho 2000 on Adams Street are just two of several excellent Vietnamese restaurants in this Boston neighborhood. But one Vietnamese restaurant perhaps stands out above the others, not just in Fields Corner, but in all of the Boston area. That restaurant is Pho So 1 Boston, located in the heart of Fields Corner, across the street from Pho 2000.

When we first discovered Pho So 1 Boston, few knew about it, other than people from the surrounding neighborhood. We often went on weekend nights, never having to wait for a table. Since then, however, people have discovered this amazing restaurant; local restaurant forums had people raving about the place, and diners have discovered the newer Pho So 1 in Randolph, bringing much interest to both restaurants. Our loss (both restaurants are often full now) is everyone else's gain, as Pho So 1 Boston is a gem.

The original Pho So 1 Boston in Dorchester has a simple layout, with a medium-sized room given a bigger appearance by the mirrors on the walls. The waitresses are friendly, though not all of them speak fluent English. As far as the food is concerned, Pho So 1 has some truly excellent dishes, including the wonderful wonton soup entree, which includes fabulous dumplings as well as tasty greens and pork slices. The steamed spring rolls, chicken vermicelli, and pho ga are also worth getting, as the ingredients used for all three dishes are fresh and healthy. And if you like bubble tea, Pho So 1 Boston, along with Pho 2000, has some of the best in the Boston area.

I personally tend to frequent Pho So 1 in Randolph more often than the original in Dorchester, as it is more convenient for me, but both the original Pho So 1 Boston and its Randolph branch are well worth seeking out for lovers of Vietnamese food. We believe, however, that Pho So 1 Boston may not be a hidden restaurant much longer. Pho So 1 Boston has indeed come a long way from its quiet beginnings in Fields Corner.