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New Brothers Restaurant and Deli

31 Maple Street, Danvers, MA 01923
(978) 750-0100 Find location!
--- Winner, Best Greek Restaurant in Boston Area, 2009 ---

Photo of New Brothers Restaurant and Deli, Danvers, MA As those of you who live north of Boston (including the North Shore region) probably know, there are a number of Brothers delis that can be found throughout the area, including one location that is in Wakefield and another one that is located in Salem. But the focus of our review here is for the New Brothers Restaurant and Deli in Danvers, mainly because of its slightly out of the way location in the center of this tidy, laid-back town, and also because it has arguably better food (and in fact is not affiliated with the other Brothers delis).

Upon first glance, New Brothers feels a bit like another Greek cafeteria-style dining spot in Woburn called The Restaurant. And while the two places are indeed similar to an extent, this writer actually believes that the food at New Brothers is fresher and, at least in some instances, superior to The Restaurant. In addition, the atmosphere at New Brothers is more pleasant, as the dining room (which can accommodate well over 100 people) is bright, clean, and comfortable, and the people behind the counter tend to be friendly and helpful.

The menu at New Brothers Restaurant and Deli includes a nearly endless list of Greek and American dishes, including breakfast specials (served all day), salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta dishes, seafood, full dinners, and desserts. The menu also features a huge number of daily specials, though granted some of the specials (including the fall-apart tender pastitsio and the hearty and meaty stuffed grape leaves--about the best this writer has had) are offered every day. Nearly all of the familiar Greek dishes are offered at New Brothers, including a thick and rich chicken egg lemon soup and a large calzone-like spinach pie that is absolutely loaded with spinach, as well as moussaka, chichen kabobs, and roast leg of lamb. And don't forget the sides, as the roasted potatoes at New Brothers are simply exquisite, while the rice pilaf is deliciously fresh and fluffy.

New Brothers Restaurant and Deli is a true anchor in the center of Danvers, as it is a place that locals (and especially Greek locals) return to again and again. But first-timers are also welcome with open arms, as the staff really does know how to treat people right here. It may not be gourmet dining, but New Brothers Restaurant and Deli is very good at what it does, and really is the type of place that every downtown area should have.