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Photo of Kashish, in Belmont, MA The prosperous town of Belmont is often thought of as a sleepy, laid-back community that has little to offer in the way of dining or nightlife. And while it is true that this western suburb of Boston certainly isn't the place to go for late-night bar hopping or clubbing, it does have its fair share of dining spots, including options for Thai, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Cuban, and Indian fare. And it is this last option that is the focus of this review, as we look at Kashish an excellent Indian restaurant that is located right in the heart of Belmont Center.

Kashish is a small, serene place with about 20 tables in its quiet, carpeted dining area. The white walls brighten up the dining room a bit, though it does have a slightly dark, moody feel to it (and the traditional music playing quietly in the background adds to this vibe). Near the back of the restaurant is an open kitchen where all kinds of Indian dishes are created, from the excellent dosas with pleasantly warming spices to the wonderfully rich chicken tikka saag to the saag paneer with a firm and mild-tasting homemade cheese in a buttery pureed spinach to kebabs, a perfectly-cooked tandoori chicken, uttapam, palak, aloo, and much, much more. Kashish also has a variety of breads, soups, and appetizers, including their delicious naan (which you can get with garlic or onion), a mild but flavorful mulligatawny soup, a zesty tomato soup, and crunchy samosas with either meat or vegetables. The service at Kashish is mostly prompt and efficient; because Kashish is small and has an open layout, the waiters are almost always in view of diners in case anything is needed.

There are a number of excellent Indian restaurants in the western suburbs of Boston, including Punjab in Arlington and New Mother India in Waltham. And while Kashish might not approach the level of Punjab (which some believe to be the best Indian restaurant in the Boston area), it really isn't that well-known outside of Belmont, so it is not typically crowded like Punjab can often be. Plus, parking is a breeze (plenty in the back of Belmont Center) and the prices are reasonable. So while it is true that Belmont isn't thought of as a place to come for good food, there are indeed some dining spots in this quiet little town that are well worth going to, and Kashish is certainly one of them.