Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Emma's Pub and Pizza

1420 Pleasant Street (Route 104), Bridgewater, MA 02324
(508) 697-8815 Find location!

Photo of Emma's Pub and Pizza, Bridgewater, MA For some reason, a number of the dining spots featured on the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site tend to be a bit offbeat, if not flat-out odd. And Emma's Pub and Pizza could probably be considered one of these places. What can you say about a restaurant that features a magician on some nights, has a delivery van with a huge hot dog on top, displays huge pictures all over the dining room, is owned by someone who seems just a bit eccentric ("Crazy" Ron Emma), and has extremely heavy-duty hand dryers in the bathrooms that seem better suited for elephants than people? All of this makes for a rather unusual dining experience, but it should also be noted that this Bridgewater dining spot and watering hole also happens to have some great food at downright cheap prices, including an excellent bar pizza and some of the best steak tips south of Boston.

The menu at Emma's is chock full of tasty (albeit mostly unhealthy) items, including baked chili, hamburgers (including the one-pound maverick burger), a Philly cheesesteak, a half-pound lobster roll, BBQ ribs, and for dessert, an obscenely big (and extremely tasty) hot fudge sundae. But it is perhaps the pizza and steak tips that really shine at Emma's, as the former is a mouthwatering mix of charred, crackerlike crust, hearty sauce, and chewy, browned cheese on top, while the latter includes tender meat marinated in a superb teryaki-style sauce. A few other dishes are very good as well at Emma's, including the chicken wings that come with a zingy buffalo sauce, similarly tasty boneless buffalo "wings," crispy tater tots, lightly-breaded fish and chips, a fried chicken sandwich with a nice crunch coming from the batter, and the aforementioned burger.

Emma's has gotten some good press (and its wacky ad campaign has definitely attracted the attention of more than a few diners), but relatively few Bostonians know a whole lot about this place, including where exactly it is located. Well, Emma's is actually easy to get to, being only a few hundred yards off of Route 24, and on a day free of traffic, you could drive from downtown Boston to Emma's in about a half hour. It ain't fine dining, and it is certainly not a place to visit if you're a health food nut, but for families looking to take their kids to a fun spot or folks who would like some classic American food at good prices, Emma's is a must for lovers of oddball dining spots--and especially those that serve outstanding bar pizza and steak tips.